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How does the United Nations work? | RMIT University

5 г. назад

RMIT University academic Dr Binoy Kampmark explains how the United Nations (The UN) works. Watch other videos in this series http://goo.gl/sHD22 And if ...

How Does The UN Work?

1 г. назад

Why Is Global Security Decided By 5 Countries? http://testu.be/1jvB8h1 Subscribe! http://bitly.com/1iLOHml Created in 1945 after WWII, the UN is divided into six ...

How Dangerous Is The United Nations?

9 мес. назад

Created following WW2 to prevent a repeat of the two world wars. However, does it's undemocratic nature make it dangerous? Watch 101 Fact About Conspiracy ...

United Nations संयुक्त राष्ट्र संघ कब, कैसे और क्यों बना? - UPSC / IAS / State PSC

5 мес. назад

Beat the competition with our PEN DRIVE and Tablet courses, watch a Demo in HINDI and English , Call 95-8004-8004 or visit - www.studyiq.in ...

2016 United Nations Year in Review

3 мес. назад

2016 - the hottest year on record - and another year of challenges for the United Nations. The Year in Review 2016 presents the key moments around the globe ...

Watch President Obama deliver his final speech at United Nations

6 мес. назад

President Barack Obama delivered his final speech to the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday.

United Nations Explained

4 г. назад

This video explains what is the United Nations what is it's importance in the world. Is it powerful and can it control nations. Can it be called the Global Police ...

United Nations Passes Resolution To End Illegal Israeli Settlements!

3 мес. назад


HISTORIC: Nikki Haley's First Time Speaking at United Nations as US Ambassador (FNN)

2 мес. назад

Brought to you by Desert Diamond: http://ddcaz.com Newly-appointed US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley speaks at UN.


2 дн. назад

The globalists are freaking out about Trump cutting funding to the UN- but what has the UN really been doing lately? Maybe it's better for them to have their ...

Anne Hathaway delivers Women's Day address at United Nations [Full Speech HD 1080p]

2 нед. назад

UN Women Global Goodwill Ambassador Anne Hathaway on Wednesday delivered a keynote address at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City, ...

India Pakistan War of Words at United Nation for J&K

6 мес. назад

General Debate (Cont'd) - 5th Meeting, 33rd Regular Session Human Rights Council Pakistan (Right of Reply) India (Right of Reply) Opening Statement by Zeid ...

'Do you realise what you've done?' Putin addresses UNGA 2015 (FULL SPEECH)

1 г. назад

Russian President Vladimir Putin is due to address the 70th UN General Assembly session in New York City on Monday, September 28. During the ...

US and Russia exchange threats at UN meeting

3 г. назад

Russia and the United States exchanged threats at a tense UN Security Council meeting over the Ukraine crisis, with the Russian envoy saying the US ...

Craziest moments at U.N. General Assembly

2 г. назад

From Gadhafi to Ahmadinejad, Bush to Chavez: look back at memorable moments from past UNGA sessions. Richard Roth reports.

United Nations - Year in Review 2015

1 г. назад

United Nations - 2015 - it was a year of triumphal moments and haunting images: A little boy, washed up on the shore symbolising the plight of 60 million ...

Erwin Tulfo comments on VP Leni Robredo's message to United Nations

7 дн. назад

Erwin Tulfo comments on VP Leni Robredo's message to United Nations For more videos and stories visit http://bit.ly/2mxCGsK.

Amal Clooney speaks at United Nations

2 нед. назад

Amal Clooney asks for action on ISIS genocide crimes at United Nations, warns don't let this be "another Rwanda." (March 9) Subscribe for more Breaking ...

Behind the scenes of the UN General Assembly

1 г. назад

United Nations - A behind the scenes look at the United Nations General Assembly. With all-access footage of what goes on at the annual meeting of the world's ...