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[Jazzy Hip-Hop] ~ Moon Escape ~ mixed by HaruYahMan from JP Osaka

4 г. назад

Track Lists: 0:00 Love -re:plus remix- / Sam Ock 3:16 Time goes by / re:plus 5:30 Love Mellow feat. Asia J / Hus & tsunenori 7:00 Jenny feat. Daichi Diez & Shaira ...


3 г. назад

《LABEL》 Chilly Source https://www.facebook.com/chillysourcetokyo/ MIXED by DJ KRO from Chilly Source 今回は朝日と共に聞きたいチルな曲がテーマという事 ...

Jazz ' Chill ' Hip Hop Beats \\ Toshiki Hayashi - Karakusa EP [2016]

1 г. назад

Let's kick off a new week in chill fashion with 28 minutes of jazzy beats by Japanese producer Toshiki Hayashi. ☆ (Free) Music & Shop ▻ http://chillhop.com ...

Sophiee - GHOST (Japanese Hip Hop Music Video)

1 г. назад

New music video from Japanese Hip Hop Rapper: Sophiee! Directed by: JOE IRON Download her EP for FREE below: JOE IRON Presents: Sophiee "SALT" EP ...


1 г. назад

《Booking/Contact》 : yusuke2808@gmail.com 《LABEL》 Chilly Source https://www.facebook.com/chillysourcetokyo/ 今回は4月からの新生活ということで、NEW ...

Korean Hiphop & Japanese Hiphop

11 мес. назад

몇개 모아봤음.

Japanese Hip Hop VS Korean Hip Hop (J Hip Hop VS K Hip Hop) Reaction

3 нед. назад

NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED Japanese Hip Hop VS Korean Hip Hop (J Hip Hop VS K Hip Hop) Video Link ...

日本語ラップ Legends Mix [Japanese Hip Hop Legends Mix] (djay 2 Improvisation Mix)

10 мес. назад

SoundCloud☁ ☞https://soundcloud.com/pn75bk80a9ak ☞https://soundcloud.com/user-278699055 ☞https://soundcloud.com/o1c4s2kvur11 ...

Japanese Hip Hop VS Korean Hip Hop (Part 1)

3 г. назад

NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. Down below are some of the major similarities that was regarded in the process of making this video. 1. Aklo in ...

Hip-Hop Lives: Japan ** Directed by Louis King **

4 г. назад

Hip Hop Lives is an exclusive documentary film series taking you through a journey of international Hip Hop. HHL Japan features Oh No x DJ Joe Iron x Zen La ...

Macklemore (Can't Hold Us) - Exclusive Hip Hop Dance in Japan - Guillaume Lorentz

4 г. назад

Choreography on Can't Hold Us, famous Macklemore music. Dance with Guillaume Lorentz and the HeyCrew on this funny exclusive hip hop dance in Japan !

Team Japan Hip Hop - dance 2017

2 мес. назад

Gold Medal.

Japanese Hip Hop Chill Out Mix [djay 2 Improvisation Mix] 日本語ラップ Mix

11 мес. назад

1. Japan (feat. 般若, MARIA, 紅桜 & Pukkey) / DJ KEN KANEKO 2. Loyalty / ANARCHY 3. Kyoto Chillin' / ANARCHY 4. ブッタの休日 / BUDDHA BRAND 5.


5 г. назад

1,Romantic City/BRON-K 2,GROUND ZERO/LUNCH TIME SPEAX 3,SECRET/Sierra 4,CHAOS(REMIX)/Mic Jack Production 5,それでもあなたの道を行け/Michita ...

Black lifestyle in Japan - vpro Metropolis

6 г. назад

A pale skin resembles beauty in Japan, but that no longer doesn't count for everyone. Hina lives her life according to the 'B-style', or the 'black lifestyle'.

Target - Japan HIPHOP #埼玉

9 мес. назад

Producer RIM REPPIN BULLETS CWF from越谷 Cocoon from越谷 GARIN REPPIN BULLETS HIT-M young $ MI'Z REPPIN Yakaratic MC's Mixing - RAIS studio .

Japanese Jazz Hiphop Collection

2 г. назад


"90's Boom Bap Beat"/ Rap Hip Hop Instrumental /JAPAN FLOW/ Prod. Tony Hop Beats

4 мес. назад

Thank you for subscribing... ABRIR ▽ OPEN *Condiciones de uso *Use conditions [Conditions to use the beat free] --MOSTRAR MAS-- -Follow us on: ...

Japanese Hip Hop ~Ghetto, Street, Underground Stand Up Positive Mix~ [djay2 improvisation Mix]

9 мес. назад

SoundCloud♬ ☞https://soundcloud.com/user-278699055 ☞https://soundcloud.com/pn75bk80a9ak ☞https://soundcloud.com/o1c4s2kvur11 ...