Varg Vikingus

The bear runs down the street in the Russian city

23 час. назад

The fact that in Russia bears walk down the street is the widespread myth, however sometimes such picture everything can be observed, for example, in Siberia.

Too fat cat

23 час. назад

This cat corroded so huge stomach that after passing of water procedures for it it appeared a problem to get out of a trough. Owners of a cat at first laughed at the ...

The excavator operator has saved the men who has got stuck on a belt in dirt

23 час. назад

Severe Russian reality such is that because of a large amount of dirt there is a danger in her simply to get stuck. This person has decided to reduce the road, but ...

Three accidents in one minute on the Russian route in the winter

2 дн. назад

The video operator tells about the accident which has happened several seconds ago with participation of the truck - the autotruck which just about will turn over ...

The elks freely walk in the Russian city

4 дн. назад

If you think that in Russia bears on the cities walk about, we want to disappoint you. Actually, there are small Russian cities on which streets and avenues freely ...

The doghouse with a dog has appeared under snow

7 дн. назад

In Russia a lot of snow drops out so that huge snowdrifts under which there can be some constructions - for example, the doghouse together with her inhabitant ...

The Mongolian song about a horse in the original and in a reverse

2 нед. назад

The song is sung by the boy from Mongolia who is about 7-8 years old. If we listen same to compositions in a reverse, then we will almost not find differences.

The Chinese girl lulls various animals on the air

2 нед. назад

The little girl participates in a show in which the people having unusual talents compete. This child shocked jury with the ability to lull animals by means of a ...

How to deceive 8 police officers who want to arrest you

2 нед. назад

The group of police officers has arrived to arrest of the seller of a stall with pies, however the puny Asian has managed to fool law enforcement authorities.

The pursuit of a wolf on the steppe ended with failure of the car

2 нед. назад

The great number of wolves who cause damage to cattle breeders is found in boundless steppes of Kazakhstan. For this reason shooting of predators is the ...

Workers were unable to cope with polyurethane foam

2 нед. назад

The men climbed onto the roof to repair, taking with him a tube of polyurethane foam - apparently, they have been dropped or struck them about something, ...

Drunk Russian singer Grigory Leps sings under a soundtrack

3 нед. назад

The performance of the popular artist Grigory Leps in the city of Rostov-on-Don was marked by a scandal in which the singer took the stage in a highly drunk.

Half-naked man walking down the street at -28 Celsius

3 нед. назад

This 43-year-old resident of Novosibirsk so hardened physically, that is not afraid of strong Siberian frosts. For this shoot he goes to work in the office shirtless.

The most effective way to reconcile two children

3 нед. назад

The father of two daughters saw that they are at loggerheads, and came up with an original way to reconcile the sisters. At first the girls began to cry with fright, ...

The aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov": virtual tour

3 нед. назад

The journalists from the Syrian television made a report of what components is the flagship of the Russian Navy aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov, currently off ...

Bodybuilder vs wrestler of "free style" (153 kg vs 72 kg)

3 нед. назад

The ring was found by two athletes - one of them a professional wrestler, and the second deals with bodybuilding. Most unusual in this game - a bodybuilder ...

Girl knocked out her opponent and the referee with one punch

3 нед. назад

Two girls weighing about 40 kilograms was found in the ring barely sounded to signal the start of the fight, one of them held the power reception, which was laid ...

The bigger the jeep, the harder it is to find a tractor

3 нед. назад

The driver of the jeep decided to not go on the road and not even on the sidelines, but right at the roadside ditch. Despite the large amount of snow, he quickly ...

Drunk guy "burns" trying to rise to his feet

4 нед. назад

The company of boys and girls came on a fishing trip to drink vodka - it was soon discovered that one of the participants can barely get to his feet.

Emotional reaction of Vladimir Putin to the victory of Donald Trump

1 мес. назад

We tried to imagine what he feels in his soul the President of Russia after the publication of the news of the victory of Donald Trump - there's the music and are ...

Hunter level "God"

1 мес. назад

An experienced hunter from Siberia will talk about what levels of training are about members of his profession. In addition, it will demonstrate possession of a ...