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Новый фокус от "стреляющей вагины" на федеральном ТВ!

6 дн. назад

Знаменитая и ставшая известной благодаря выступлению на украинском шоу талантов Анна Корбан засветилась...

Гаишник нашел способ проучить наглого кавказца)

1 нед. назад

Этот парень кавказской внешности призывает всех жителей уважать работу дорожной полиции. Поначалу чувству...

Пожарные и горящая крыша: съемка от первого лица

1 нед. назад

Этот парень с украинским акцентом, видимо, является первым на данный момент блогером-пожарником. Здесь...

Саша Белый версия 2017

1 нед. назад

Кто этот парень, будто вернувшийся на 20 лет назад или очнувшийся от многолетней комы? Он разговаривает по...

Как работает лучший индийский парикмахер

3 нед. назад

http://midexpress.com.ua/smartfony-i-telefony/ms_mf=Lenovo.html Если вы захотите воспользоваться услугами парикмахера, находясь в Индии...

Very talkative kid argues with the grandmother

1 мес. назад

The little girl was put to the room to the grandmother who watched TV at this time. The woman has tried to order to the kid to leave the room and to return to ...

How to catch three boars without shots

1 мес. назад

Two hunters have gone to do some shooting hares in the winter, however unexpectedly on their way there was an ice-hole in which three boars sank. One of ...

Thousands of petards and fireworks: a New Year's Eve in Tbilisi

2 мес. назад

In the capital of Georgia the New Year's Eve was celebrated in a big way - among the Georgian there were many fans of fireworks therefore the show something ...

A fight at the wedding in Kazakh

2 мес. назад

Events at the wedding which was taking place in the city of Shymkent (Kazakhstan) have begun to develop obviously not according to the scenario after groups ...

Has decided not to plunder shop

2 мес. назад

The young guy was included into shop, has asked for the shop assistant of chips and beer then he has unexpectedly got the gun from a pocket. However already ...

Упустил огромную рыбу из-за видеооператора/ Wanted to make a beautiful photo, but missed huge fish

2 мес. назад

http://www.vw-wolf.ru/ Официальный дилер Volkswagen в Екатеринбурге – автосалон Вольф Парень в лодке поймал большого...

Russian abnormal cold weather (winter 2016)

2 мес. назад

December, 2016: in the cities of Western and Eastern Siberia, and also the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Area extremely low air temperature is recorded.

Traditional Caucasian wedding in Dagestan: full trash

2 мес. назад

All these people have gathered at the relatives to congratulate newlyweds. But instead from quietly to sit at a table, to congratulate and dance, they organize the ...

The woman has nearly died of fear for such draw of her friends

2 мес. назад

Young people have decided to play a trick on the girl - representing massage of a neck, one of them has reproduced a sound which could testify to a fracture of ...

The bear runs down the street in the Russian city

2 мес. назад

The fact that in Russia bears walk down the street is the widespread myth, however sometimes such picture everything can be observed, for example, in Siberia.

Too fat cat

3 мес. назад

This cat corroded so huge stomach that after passing of water procedures for it it appeared a problem to get out of a trough. Owners of a cat at first laughed at the ...

The excavator operator has saved the men who has got stuck on a belt in dirt

3 мес. назад

Severe Russian reality such is that because of a large amount of dirt there is a danger in her simply to get stuck. This person has decided to reduce the road, but ...

Three accidents in one minute on the Russian route in the winter

3 мес. назад

The video operator tells about the accident which has happened several seconds ago with participation of the truck - the autotruck which just about will turn over ...

The elks freely walk in the Russian city

3 мес. назад

If you think that in Russia bears on the cities walk about, we want to disappoint you. Actually, there are small Russian cities on which streets and avenues freely ...

The doghouse with a dog has appeared under snow

3 мес. назад

In Russia a lot of snow drops out so that huge snowdrifts under which there can be some constructions - for example, the doghouse together with her inhabitant ...

The Mongolian song about a horse in the original and in a reverse

3 мес. назад

The song is sung by the boy from Mongolia who is about 7-8 years old. If we listen same to compositions in a reverse, then we will almost not find differences.