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Powerbuilding | My New Back Workout !!!

4 г. назад

Other videos on this program coming soon brah! Workout: 5x 1-5 Lever-ups 5x max rep monkey pullups 5x 8-12 DB Rows - 15 DB Shrugs Low Cable Row 1x 12 ...

Powerbuilding | My Current Chest Workout !!!

4 г. назад

My powerbuilding website: http://bcbster.wix.com/powerbuilding Link to Workout: http://bcbster.wix.com/powerbuilding#!pb-prog-4/c12zs Music: Manowar ...

Edit Mashup - Stand Your Ground!

4 г. назад

A little edited video i made from footage from the matrix reloaded, the immortals and 300 all clips colour corrected, audio tweaked, aspect ratios changed, bars ...

SAS Powerlifting Competition | Squat Blunder!

4 г. назад

Could have sworn i was meant to do something...