Samurai Warriors 2 - Evil Angel

9 г. назад

Here - at last - is my new music video, this time made for a friend's request. The video track is composed from the Samurai Warriors 2 game cutscenes - featuring ...

The No-Life King Of Broadway

11 г. назад

Have some fun, you Hellsing-loving people! Alucard is revealing his past as the King of Broadway! And he is going to be the King again! Watch and leave your ...

Mephistopheles's Advocate

11 г. назад

Trans-Siberian Orchestra song for the "Devil's Advocate" movie. It's fun.

Ария - Следуй За Мной

11 г. назад

Music video made for the "Sleepy Hollow" movie. The Hessian Horseman rules!