White pomeranian playing with a soccer ball

3 г. назад

My 3-year-old pomeranian enountered a lost soccer ball in a park and wants to play with it, but he doesn't know how. I keep asking him "What are you gonna do ...

다섯손가락 - 새벽기차 (LIVE) Korean Folk Song by Five Fingers

7 г. назад

"Dawn Train" by Five Fingers, a once famous and popular group in the mid 80's in Korea. Their music has captivating and mesmeric melody line with poetic ...

들국화 그것만이 내 세상 1988년 라이브 (Korean Rock band live)

8 г. назад

들국화(dulkookwha, The Wild Chrysanthemums) is a legendary Korean Rock band in 1980's. Their music opened a new era in Korean pop music history and ...

동물원 변해가네 1992 Acoustic Live Dongmulwon

8 г. назад

Dongmulwon's unplugged live performance in 1992. Very folky and pure with simple acoustic guitar and voice. The main theme of the lyrics is that I'm changing ...