Laszlo Szechenyi

The three best How Long Blues

8 мес. назад

My favorite three best How Long Blues: Classic originals by "Mr. five-by-five" Jimmy Rushing, ageless Pinetop Perkins and preserving the tradition with heart and ...

Osborne Brothers Blue Ridge Mountain Home YouTube

9 мес. назад

Those who lived there, are homesick! Those who visited, will never forget! Those who are here the first time, look, listen, and enjoy! There is only one Blue ...


11 мес. назад

BIG BLUE, The Great Blue Heron getting ready for a "Heavy date"...

An Easter Message...

1 г. назад

Unforgettable way to hear the Easter Story... too cute for words!

Music like this will always grab your attention!

1 г. назад

Hold it! Do not move my dear! Is it music that I hear? Is it Bach? Beethoven? No... I fear.... It's just some noise that hurts my ear! Is it something new this year?

A Jam Session

1 г. назад

This is one of my all time favorite Jam Sessions by Roy Eldridge, Dizzie Gillespie, Oscar Peterson, etc. etc. Enjoy!

Memphis Slim Chicago House Rent Party

2 г. назад

Hide behind bush nine ....

Blue Ridge Mountains

2 г. назад

Going Back To The Blue Ridge Mountains.

Memphis Slim & Willie Dixon Joogie Boogie

2 г. назад

Memphis Slim and Willie Dixon in "Joogie Boogie"

Memphis Slim Kansas City

2 г. назад

Memphis Slim Willie Dixon - Kansas City variations.

Memphis Slim Stewball

2 г. назад

Memphis Slim and Willie Dixon playing "Stewball"

Memphis Slim 44 Blues

2 г. назад

Memphis Slim and Willie Dixon playing the 44 Blues.

Luca on KB with Steve Arvey Group in Venice, Chicago

2 г. назад

Luca Sestak jamming with Steve Arvey and the band at the Venice Blues Festival in Florida. November 15, 2014.

Sweet Home Chicago YouTube

2 г. назад

Venice Blues Festival, November 2014, Luca Sestak, with Steve Avery and friends.

Memphis Slim Chicago House Rent Party

2 г. назад

Memphis Slim and Willie Dixon in a classic performance of Chicago House Rent Party. Audio only, but it's worth listening to.

Luca's Colorado Boogie Age 12

2 г. назад

As a contrast to his newest numbers, here is the one that overwhelmed me with Luca's talent at age 12. This is where it all started... and the rest is history, as they ...

Dr BLUES, Liz PENNOCK Festival de Piano de Verrieres le Buisson 2013 YouTube2

2 г. назад

A fun performance in Paris in 2013 by good friends Liz Pennock and husband Dr. Blues.

2014 Boogie ProjectEnzoWaschbrett YouTube

2 г. назад

A hard hitting session with best friends Enzo Randazzo, washboard, drums, Kai Linde, guitar, vocals, Luca Sestak, Piano. Keep it up, friends, you are a ...

Anhinga and the Fish

2 г. назад

The Anhinga can stay under water for a very long time. It spears its prey, a fish, with its needle sharp beak at lightning speeds, then has to shake it off its beak to ...

Liz,Luca and Jan Blues Jam, September 10, 2014

2 г. назад

A soulful blues played by three soulful musicians, Jan Sinapius, Liz Pennock and Luca Sestak in Nokomis, Florida.

Mustang Sally - Luca Sestak and Jan Sinapius

3 г. назад

A hard-hittin', rockin', swingin' jamin' session at the 5 O'Clock Club in Sarasota, Florida, September 7, 2014.