Ken Jones

Times Like These - Foo Fighters - Old Town School

3 мес. назад

All acoustic version. Mary's voice lends a totally different feel to this song.

America At Old Town School

5 мес. назад

Feb 24, 2017.

Dad Jones Interview draft

5 мес. назад

July 7, 2015 interview.

Duet for Ann

8 мес. назад

Just a Closer Walk With Thee

9 мес. назад

Big Shoulders Brass Band - All Saints Episcopal Church of Chicago 2016.

All Saints Chicago New Cross

9 мес. назад

Installation of new Celtic cross on the steeple of church. Nov 5, 2016.

Harvest Moon

9 мес. назад

Old Town School takes on Harvest Moon by Neil Young.


9 мес. назад

We cover the John Fogarty baseball classic at the Old Town School. Go Cubs.

Kodachrome at Old Town School

11 мес. назад

Guitar 4 Ever performs Paul Simon's "Kodachrome"

Iris Pitch

1 г. назад

May 2016 warm ups for the 10 year old.

16 Tons - Old Town School

1 г. назад

Heart Full of Soul - Yardbirds - Old Town School

1 г. назад

Guitar 4 Ever class.

Christmas Pageant Hello All Saints Episcopal Church

2 г. назад

All Saints Episcopal Church of Chicago, IL. A new take on Adele's Hello brought to the Christmas Story.

Old Town School 3 and Beyond

2 г. назад

Crowded House's "Better Be Home Soon"

NPES Rocket Dec5 2015 Compilation

2 г. назад

Test launches of various PSI, capacity , water for Science Olympiad during the 2015-16 season.

Welcome Table - Old Town School

2 г. назад

Takes about a minute and 8 seconds for me to overcome my formal Episcopalian upbringing and blurt out "Hallelujah!" Having a blast at the Old Town School.

Oct 17 Flute Recital

2 г. назад

La Girondola - I like that I have to listen closely to hear the teacher from the student.

It Never Rains In Southern California - Old Town School

2 г. назад

I got a chance to lead the second half at Old Town. So I picked songs from the 1973 Ronco collection "Good Vibrations.

And Your Bird Can Sing - John Lennon Birthday

2 г. назад

Phil Angotti, Tommi Zender, Casey McDonough, Joe Camarillo & Alton Smith played 2 sets of chronologically ordered career-spanning Beatles/John Lennon ...

Iris Swells

2 г. назад

Access Contemporary Music - Electronic Composing project.

Pinball Wizard Who Tommy

2 г. назад

8 acoustic guitars playing Pinball Wizard. Bet you've never seen THAT before. Fun at the Old Town School of Folk Music.