Viola Jam

8 г. назад

Fiddlin around on the viola. My brother found it second hand for $75 AUD with a big crack in it, no soundpost or strings... so I got it fixed up and shes not half ...

Filthy Fiddlin - work in progress -

8 г. назад

First take of a work in progress. There's some ok ideas that I hope to develope into a more presentable composition.

Celtic Improv

8 г. назад

Iprovising on violin in a celtic style. All origonal and composed/arranged/sequenced by myself. My cd of classical music is now available ...

Impromptu Violin improvisation

8 г. назад

Hi Everyone, Sorry there's no footage for this take. Thanks for your comments, sorry if I haven't replied to your messages yet... lots to do and youtube gets left to ...

Violin Improv

9 г. назад

Just improvising over some basic music I sequenced up. It's not perfect but it'll do for now. Hope you like.

Sunny Side Of The Street

10 г. назад

The 81st birthday party of the father of the family i'm staying with. Recorded live with no rehearsal so not perfect but still a lovely time.

I Don't Like Work

10 г. назад

mp3 for sale @ http://www.broadjam.com/peter-mac Peter Mac & Retaw Boyce play original composition "I Don't Like Work' recorded at Koupaliste Lido, ...


10 г. назад

Blues on nothing but violin. Its pretty rough, just thought i might put something up cause its been so long. Might do something properly one day.

La Cumparcita

10 г. назад

Just through this together quickley. Its a tango that i've molested. Hope you like.

Violin toss

11 г. назад

been a while since I uploaded anything. just playin round while waitin for a client.

Tico-Tico no Fubá

11 г. назад

Haven't really practiced it and I made up cheesy backing. I've really got no idea how to play Brazilian music so forgive me for butchering this piece. Partial nudity.

Rights of Man & King of the Fairies

11 г. назад

Sheet music now available for Rights of man and King of the fairies. Go to http://www.box.net/shared/sqzucoa55e to download pdf. A couple of Celtic Hornpipes.

Electric Violin Shreddin

11 г. назад

Violin like u've never heard before (and probably wont want to hear again lol) I'm just makin it up as I go along so really just a whole load of rubish but was a bit ...


11 г. назад

Gypsy piece. Its a bit rough but im getting better. Go to http://www.box.net/shared/ohvmk7b4te to download czardas sheet music in pdf format.