Prince Mak's Prince Diaries Ep 10: Date with Wengie

2 дн. назад

Prince Mak's taking Wengie on a date...kind of. They spend the day hanging out and challenging each other at the arcade.

GOT7 Fan Meet Melbourne - Chatting with Fans

4 дн. назад

We caught up with committed IGOT7's travelling from far and wide at GOT7's fan meet in Melbourne.

Backstage at GOT7 Fan Meet in Melbourne

4 дн. назад

Take a quick look backstage with GOT7 Fan Meet MC and SBS PopAsia host Andy Trieu.

'Q' - GOT7 Live at Fan Meet Melbourne

4 дн. назад

Check out our sneak peek of the GOT7 boys performing their track 'Q' to the loyal IGOT7's at their fan meet in Melbourne.

GOT7 Fan Meet live in Sydney

7 дн. назад

Check out all the boys from GOT7 on stage in Sydney at their very first Fan Meeting in Australia.

GOT7 Fan Meet - Chatting with Fans

1 нед. назад

Do you have what it takes to make it to the front of the line? We chat with the biggest GOT7 fans in Sydney to see what they were looking forward to at the Fan ...

Creators of the unofficial BTS video game chat with SBS PopAsia

1 нед. назад

Aeon Dream Studios, the creators of the visual novel game 'To the Edge of the Sky', talked with Andy Trieu about what about BTS inspired the game.

Jessica's '봄이라서 그래' - Nat & Andy React

1 нед. назад

Jessica is back with a new ballad and a home-video MV to celebrate her birthday with her fans.

The Levels of KPop Fandom...

2 нед. назад

Are you a KPop Addict? Please check on our handy SBS PopAsia Levels of KPop Fandom and seek help if so.

GOT7 Global Fan Meeting in Australia 2017

2 нед. назад

OMG, it's SO EXCITING!! #GOT7 will be in Australia so so soon and PopAsia will be there!! The boys are nearly here, we'll be breathing the same air as our bias.

EXID's 'Night Rather Than Day' - Nat & Andy React

3 нед. назад

EXID are back after a year with their new single. It's been a long time but Andy's love for Hani hasn't gone anywhere.

Ladybeard talks about his new group Deadlift Lolita

3 нед. назад

Andy caught up with Ladybeard to chat about his new kawaii-core idol group Deadlift Lolita and what it's like to be an Aussie living in Japan.

Exclusive: Victon reveal the story behind 'Eyez Eyez'

3 нед. назад

We caught up with Victon who told us all about their new direction and who they thought were the cutest, best leader and best dancer in the group.

Exclusive: Jay Park talks about his tattoos

3 нед. назад

Jay Park talks about how his tattoos have shaken up K-Pop's traditionally 'safe image,' on "Needles and Pins" on SBS VICELAND #sbsviceland Check out the ...

Sydney and Melbourne take our KPop Quiz... Who wins?

3 нед. назад

It's Sydney vs Melbourne in our Super Fun Non-Competitive KPop Quiz.

The Emotional Stages of a KPop Concert

4 нед. назад

We've all ridden the emotional wave of a KPop concert once or twice before... Get set for 2017!

Prince Mak's Prince Diaries Ep 8: Jackie Chan with the next Jackie Chan?

4 нед. назад

Prince Mak shows us what it takes as he trains to be the next Jackie Chan.

Nathan Hartono live at Asia Pop Fest, Melbourne

4 нед. назад

Check out some highlights of Nathan's killer performance as he gets the crowd on their feet at Asia Pop Fest in Melbourne.

Exclusive: K.A.R.D. on life in a co-ed group

4 нед. назад

In our exclusive interview with K.A.R.D the boys tell us why they prefer living, training and performing with girls over being in a boy band.

Ailee Exclusive interview at Asia Pop Fest, Melbourne

1 мес. назад

While Ailee was in Melbourne for Asia Pop Fest Andy caught up with her backstage where she told us about her friendship with Amber and why she probably ...

Ailee live at Asia Pop Fest, Melbourne

1 мес. назад

Check out a taste of Ailee slaaaayying at Melbourne's Asia Pop Fest 2017. Our exclusive interview is coming very soon... Check out our exclusive interview with ...