Being a Bangtan Boy: EXPECTATIONS vs REALITY

3 дн. назад

We already knew #BTS were superior humans, but when Andy Trieu and DatJoeDoe tried to be them, they proved just how amazing the Bangtan Boys are ...

People on the street react to Shinee's '1 Of 1'

4 дн. назад

SBS PopAsia's Andy Trieu hit the streets of Sydney to find out what people thought of SHINee's new retro-styled comeback track '1 Of 1'

Andy's Vlog: Andy Quizzes new SBS PopAsia host DatJoeDoe

4 дн. назад

We've got a new host on SBS PopAsia tonight at 8PM!! It's Joe on the DatJoeDoe Show, so before he goes to air Andy Trieu gave him the PopAsia presenter ...


6 дн. назад

This Monday #HashtagHits host Nat Tran set a task for Andy Trieu on his path to glory. Break his record of 100000 views by the end of the week or be forced to ...

Nat and Andy react to BTS' Comeback Stage

7 дн. назад

Nat loved BTS' new MV last week more than words. Can they translate it to the stage? What do Nat and Andy think of the Bangtan Boys' comeback stage?

NCT DREAM chat about their big debut, mentors and what's next

1 нед. назад

SBS PopAsia talked to sub-unit NCT DREAM about the debut of their hit song 'Chewing Gum', what the journey of a rookie is like and who helped them along ...

What BTS member Jimin wants for his birthday

2 нед. назад

Andy Trieu tried asking Jimin what he wanted for his birthday, but, ah, he didn't really get an answer...

Random people on the street react to Got7's 'Hard Carry'

2 нед. назад

SBS Popasia's Andy Trieu hit the streets of Sydney to find out what people thought of Got7's new track 'Hard Carry'.

Andy's Vlog: Hanging with new SBS PopAsia host DatJoeDoe

2 нед. назад

While Andy was in Melbourne last week he caught up with DatJoeDoe, host of the new SBS PopAsia classic KPop show 'DatJoeDoe Show'. Catch it every ...

JYJ's Junsu aka Xia hangs with SBS Popasia

2 нед. назад

When we were in Korea we caught up with JYJ's Junsu aka Xia, who chatted to us all about his most recent release, life with JYJ and his favourite rappers ...

Andy Trieu: Professional Extra in BTS' 'Blood, Sweat and Tears'

2 нед. назад

Acting as a statue was one of Andy's 'hardest' roles to date.

Play Pop Bingo to win a BTS Prize Pack

2 нед. назад

We have a new Pop Bingo comp starting this week! The prize? An awesome BTS Prize Pack! So get out that SBS PopAsia app here (https://goo.gl/L56504) and ...

#HashtagHits: On the line with Youtuber JREKML talking BTS' 'Blood, Sweat & Tears'

2 нед. назад

Nat Tran caught up with killer Youtuber JREKML, a KPop expert in his own right, to chat about their reactions to BTS' new MV which was released today.

Nat & Dr J react to BTS' Blood, Sweat & Tears

2 нед. назад

With Andy hanging out with MyChonny in Melbourne, Nat Tran dragged Popasia's resident DJ and asian pop expert in to the studio to check out the hotly ...

SBS Popasia chats with Infinite's Woohyun

2 нед. назад

Andy Trieu got a chance to catch up with Infinite' Woohyun to chat about his debut album, what the other Infinite members thought of it and what a KPop star like ...

Andy's Vlog: How to become a KPop star

3 нед. назад

Andy spent some time just last week training in Sydney as part of a KPop workshop. First they taught you how to dance, sing and eat like a KPop star - before ...

Street Talk: What's the most awkward situation you've ever been in?

3 нед. назад

All 2 of Andy's friends claim that he's a bit of an awkward guy... we hit the streets to find other awkward people.

Nat & Andy react to Shinee's '1of1'

3 нед. назад

Shinee's taking it retro to the 90's with their comeback MV '1 of 1'. What do Nat and Andy think of the boys' new direction?

Andy Trieu: Professional Extra in Monsta X's 'Fighter'

3 нед. назад

Does Andy Trieu have what it takes to take on the Monsta X boys in 'Fighter'? The answer is no.

Nat & Andy react to Monsta X's 'Fighter'

3 нед. назад

What do Andy Trieu and #HashtagHits host Nat Tran think about Monsta X's MV for their new single 'Fighter'? What has influenced their new music and music ...