KARD'S 'Hola Hola' - Andy and Kevin Kim React

8 час. назад

After some killer pre-debut songs, KARD are officially here with their new song 'Hola Hola', let's see what the boys think of it. Plus, Kevin gives us an idea of why ...

Prince Mak's Prince's Diaries Ep 16: Spilling movie secrets

2 дн. назад

Prince Mak takes us behind the scenes to give us a sneak peek at his new movie 'Operation Red Sea' that he's been shooting in Morocco. Lights! Camera!

EXO's 'Ko Ko Bop' - Andy and Kevin Kim React

2 дн. назад

We waited... Now EXO's are back with Ko Ko Bop! Andy and ZE:A's Kevin Kim sat down to see what their first reaction to EXO's comeback tune would be.

Is this Australia's biggest BTS fan?

3 дн. назад

Andy Trieu investigates. Do you have a friend who might take the crown? Let us know.

Fast Five with 9Muses

4 дн. назад

9Muses did the Fast Five on SBS PopAsia Live with Kevin Kim from their brother group ZE:A.

ZE:A's Kevin Kim invites 9Muses to his house in Australia

6 дн. назад

Kevin Kim from ZE:A caught up with his sister group 9Muses to talk about their new track 'Remember' and invite them to come down to Australia!

How To Eat Like a K-pop Star - Pop Star University

6 дн. назад

Do you think you could live on just poached chicken for 2 weeks? Andy Trieu​ struggled these past 2 weeks when he tried to eat like a K-pop star...

ZE:A's Kevin Kim Reacts to His Own K-pop Music Videos

1 нед. назад

ZE:A Member and SBS PopAsia host Kevin Kim sat in with Andy Trieu to react to a few of ZE:A's and some of his own MV's.

Fast Five with Tabitha Nauser

2 нед. назад

Tabitha Nauser dropped by the PopAsia studios and we hit her with the Fast Five.

Tabitha Nauser tells us why CL is her biggest Asian influence

2 нед. назад

Tabitha Nauser dropped by the PopAsia studios to talk about her life after Singaporean idol, her life growing up in the spotlight and how CL, Rihanna and ...

Prince Mak's Prince's Diaries Ep 15: Hello Korea!

2 нед. назад

Prince Mak has landed back in Korea! and he's treating himself to some relaxation and fun.

SBS PopAsia: G-Dragon Australia Tour

2 нед. назад

Who's excited for #GDragon to be in Australia sooon1? And who's going to see him?

Fast Five with MAP6

2 нед. назад

We gave the boys from MAP6 the SBS PopAsia Fast Five quiz. Let's see how they went.

Fan Chat at RapBeat Show in Australia

2 нед. назад

Andy Trieu caught up with the fans at RapBeat Show Australia to see just how wild the night was going to get. Stay till the end to check out Andy's take on 'I need ...

How To Get Fit Like a K-Pop Star - Pop Star University

3 нед. назад

Andy Trieu​ is trying to get FIT like a K-pop star! With the help of JJCC​'s Eddy, celebrity trainer Thien Nguyen and men's Physique coach Kenneth Koh Andy's ...

MAP6 sing Justin Bieber's 'Baby'

3 нед. назад

Kevin caught up with MAP6 on SBS PopAsia Live to talk about their new song 'I'm Ready', their ideal type and then they gave us a rendition of Justin Bieber's ...

Fast Five with K-pop Superstar's Kriesha Chu

4 нед. назад

We gave K-pop Superstar S6's Kriesha Chu the SBS PopAsia Fast Five quiz. Let's see how she goes.

Prince Mak's Prince's Diaries Ep 14: My birthday with Wengie and my family

4 нед. назад

Prince Mak's spending his birthday feeling a bit old. Nothing better to cure it than doing a few crazy things with your family and friends like Wengie.

K-pop Star S6 singer Kriesha Chu on life after she shot to fame

4 нед. назад

K-pop Star Season 6 singer Kriesha Chu tells us about her amazing journey from the Philippines to America then to Korea to become a K-pop star.

Fast Five with Super Junior M's Henry

1 мес. назад

We hit Henry with the SBS PopAsia Fast Five questions.

2017 K-Pop Highlights (So Far) with Aussie Fans

1 мес. назад

It's halfway through the year. We hit the streets to ask some Aussie K-pop fans what they've been loving in 2017 so far... and nearly everyone agreed on the top ...