Ailee Exclusive interview at Asia Pop Fest, Melbourne

5 час. назад

While Ailee was in Melbourne for Asia Pop Fest Andy caught up with her backstage where she told us about her friendship with Amber and why she probably ...

Ailee live at Asia Pop Fest, Melbourne

1 дн. назад

Check out a taste of Ailee slaaaayying at Melbourne's Asia Pop Fest 2017. Our exclusive interview is coming very soon... Check out our exclusive interview with ...

BGA's 'Who's It Gonna Be' - Nat & Andy React

1 дн. назад

Are there any KPoopers out there? Ryan Higa's BGA are back with their long awaited comeback and they're ready to take the band to the next level.

Girl's Day's 'I'll Be Yours' - Nat and Andy react

1 дн. назад

Girl's Day are back after a 21 month hiatus! Do they still have what it takes to kick it with the newer girl groups like BlackPink and Twice?

What is Shipping? - Rookie Training

5 дн. назад

They're the dream dynamic duos of the Asian Pop world. Who do you ship? Are you an Asian Pop beginner? Or looking to get a friend in to Asian Pop? Let Nat ...

Korean Hip Hop (Jay Park & Ravi) - Non-PopAsians react

6 дн. назад

Jay Park and Ravi are in Sydney soon for RapBeat Show. We hit the streets to show their tracks to people on the street and see what they think of Korean Hip ...

Highlight's (formerly BEAST) 'Plz Don't Be Sad' - Nat & Andy react

1 нед. назад

The band formerly known as BEAST are back as Highlight with their debut single 'Plz Dont Be Sad'. Andy was feeling their pre-release single - what do the guys ...

RM (Rapmon) + Wale's 'Change' - Nat & Andy react

1 нед. назад

Andy's bias Rapmon's new collab with huuuge rapper Wale is all about Change. And it's straight fire. Could it put Korean rap on the map?

Andy's Vlog - When GOT7 Australia Fans raid the studio!

2 нед. назад

SBS PopAsia hosted a GOT Australia hang out and it was EPIC fun!

WeFancy's Xander and Haeppy show Nat Tran Korea's weirdest seafoods

2 нед. назад

Nat Tran hit the Fish Markets in Seoul with Youtubers BapMokja and Haeppy aka WeFancy to try some of the weirdest foods in Korea.

Highlight's 'It's Still Beautiful' - Nat & Andy React

2 нед. назад

Highlight (ie: the artists formerly known as BEAST) brought the feels to Andy (but not Nat) with their latest track.

GOT7's 'Never Ever' - Nat & Andy React

2 нед. назад

GOT7 have arrived! Nat & Andy attempt to wrap their head around the mystery - and get nowhere.

What is Maknae? - Rookie Training

3 нед. назад

Are you an Asian Pop beginner? Or looking to get a friend in to Asian Pop? Let Nat help you get started with Rookie Training.

When BTS member SUGA hates your birthday gift to him

3 нед. назад

Attempted to give BTS member SUGA something nice for his birthday ..but... hmm - Andy Trieu.

BTS' 'Not Today' vs 'Spring Day' - Non-PopAsians react

3 нед. назад

BTS are back with two new killer singles - which one do these Non-PopAsians like more?

GFriend's 'Fingertip' - Nat & Andy react

3 нед. назад

SinB and Umji have just graduated and GFriend are back again! This time with a much more adult concept. Check out what Nat & Andy think of their new style.

GOT7's 'Flight Log: Arrival: Trailer - Nat & Andy react

4 нед. назад

Got7 are teasing their new album Flight Log: Arrival with a mysterious album trailer - but what does it all mean? Nat and Andy weigh in...

Prince Mak's Prince's Diaries Ep 6: Basketball Triple Threat

4 нед. назад

Kris Wu might've made the NBA Celebrity All Star game but he'll need a few more players to complete his team....how about 3 Prince Mak's? Check out Mak's ...

BTS figurines: limited edition - Nat Tran's mission to find one

1 мес. назад

Nat Tran was in Seoul while BTS were giving away limited edition figurines. She went on a mission to get one. People had been lining up for hours (8 hours)!

Son Tung M-TP on what he thinks about Australia

1 мес. назад

Vietnamese singer and songwriter, Son Tung M-TP tells SBS PopAsia what he thinks of Australia, shows off his special 'facial expression' skills and reveals ...

TWICE's "KNOCK KNOCK"- Andy Trieu reacts

1 мес. назад

TWICE's new MV for "Knock Knock' has literally knocked over numbers in the charts. Andy Trieu's reaction to the girl group's MV is spot on. What do you think?