Religion: Cause of Destruction

4 мес. назад

Religion has been a mechanism for the expansion and acceleration of white supremacy. After the expulsion of the Moors from the Iberian Penisula the spread of ...

Black is Beyond Beautiful

1 г. назад

My return in almost two years since I have been back to youtube making videos. I wanted to make my return on a high positive note. I am obsessed with the ...

African American Genetic Admixture (Genetic Composition)

3 г. назад

This briefly goes over the genetic admixture and composition of many African Americans who have tested with commerical DNA companies. Majority of us are ...

The Origins of African Americans

3 г. назад

This reviews the African origin of African Americans. We are diverse and mostly admixed with West and West/Central Africans. We also have extensive ...

Are African Americans Descendants of the Bantu?

3 г. назад

This video explores one of the main Eurocentric myths about African descent folks who live in America. Who Euro's believe mostly descend from Bantu speakers ...

mtDNA L2a1c Lineage Origin and Distribution

3 г. назад

We revisit my mtDNA lineage which seems to be common among Nilo-Saharan speakers from both West and East Africa. I have a high proportion of ancestry ...

European specific African L Lineages

3 г. назад

I got tired of EUrpeans claiming all African lineages as somehow belonging to them. So I decided to make a video that shows what lineages of ours they can ...

African Languages Genetic Diversity Afro Asiatic Edition #3 part 2

3 г. назад

This is part 2 of the first video. It covers E3b sublineages associated with Afro-Asiatic expansion. It covers the Chadic speakers, including M1 and U6 variants.

African Languages Genetic Diversity Afro Asiatic Edition #3

3 г. назад

Afro-Asiatic is one of Africa's major language families. We explore the ancestry associated with Afro-Asiatic speakers. It is believed that E3b by both Dr. Keita and ...

African Languages Genetic Diversity Niger Kordofanian Edition #2

3 г. назад

Video explores the genetic variation observed in Niger-Kordofanian populations. Niger-Congo is the most widespread of the African Language families.

African Languages Genetic Diversity Nilo Saharan Edition #1

3 г. назад

Nilo-Saharan languages are explored through means of DNA evidence, archaeological evidence, and anthropological evidence. Like all main African language ...

African Origin of Languages

3 г. назад

Evidence for not only an African origin for language but for modern humans has been presented and illustrated. A possible origin for all languages in global ...

Andaman islanders and Modern Negrito DNA and physical traits

3 г. назад

This video is long over due, been meaning to make this video for the last few years never had time to get around to it. For starters, this video dispells a myth in ...

70,000 year old African Settlement Unearthed

3 г. назад

The oldest man made settlement is unearthed from a recent study by Polish archaeologist excavating a site in Northern Sudan link of the article here: ...

Human Evolution Reconstruction of Early Modern Humans

3 г. назад

Like many studies have shown that the root of the tree begins and starts with Modern day and ancient Sub Saharan African. Using reconstructions from the past ...

Tellem the red skinned Pgymies and Bes and Ptah the Ancient Egyptian BaTwa deities

3 г. назад

I explore the origins of two of Egypt's most oldest deities Bes and Ptah. Known as "dwarf gods." I also connect them to the Batwa people of the Congo region of ...

Egyptian Goddess Isis Nubian Origin

3 г. назад


Ramesses III Chadic marker part 2

3 г. назад

Me dispelling the R1b myth. Why do people like to propagate something that was proven to be a hoax I don't know--Or in correct words not a confirmation of a ...

Ramesses III E-V22 and King Tut R1b Myth

3 г. назад

Both the King Tut R1b and stupid speculation of Ramesses III haplogroup being something else because some white nationalist dislike the results are exposed ...

mtDNA analysis of a Roman Christian Period Cemetery at the Dakhleh Oasis, Egypt

3 г. назад

A small subsample (N=13) of Egyptians burried at a Roman Christian burial site located in Dahkhleh Oasis cemetery has Sub Saharan African affinities, those ...

The Ishango Bone

3 г. назад

Ancient Ishango Bone may have a deeper connection with various of different African ethnic groups, it was found in close proximity to the Great Lakes region of ...