Independent music creator perspective: Learn why and how YouTube's Content ID system may violate the copyright law and aid content id holders to break Youtube user agreement and community guidelines, and perform organised and structured illegal activities by disproving valid copyright disputes by independent recordists of public domain classical music of 16-19 centuries.

This video explains how YouTube's Content ID system infringes the copyrights of independent music recordist and video creator and damages creativity, and calls to youtube and google management for a change of an algorithm! Please comment or share to make creators like you and myself heard for a change for good! Since 19 January 2012 many independent music creators were attacked by copyright claims of contentID holder's such as Go Digital, UMPG, Warner Chappel, EMI, Music Publishing Rights collecting society, rambelfish, AdRev, others. This happened after videos were submitted for monetizing and approved for monetization by AdSense Program by Google. From an independent hardworking music recordist perspective, this baked by Google' Youtube technology practice may in fact break the Copyright law by the mentioned above companies, because these entities: i) claim public domain music compositions rights; and ii) second, abuse creators by disproving valid disputes to withdraw the video mislabelling and misidentification.

The severe misuse of contentID must be fixed, as it discourages independent musicians to contribute original music videos to Youtube and may not only be against the stated support of working hard lawfull independent creators by Youtube/Google, but also may break the Copyright law, damaging independent recordist' rights reserved in their recordings and video creative works!

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Why Youtube Content ID system fails to support independent musicians?
Why Youtube Content ID system damage music creators rights?

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