Title ..............:: Oriental Dessert Lounge & Chill Out Vol. 1 (From Dubai To Abu Dhabi - Deluxe & Sophisticated)

Record Label .......:: Drizzly Music

Catalogue Number....:: -

Year Of Release.....:: 2013-December-20

Genre...............:: Downtempo, Lounge, ChillOut, Electro

Quality ............:: 320 kbps avg / 44.1KHz / Full Stereo

Tracks .............:: 19 Separated

Total Time..........:: 01:38:37


01. Cinemascope - Istanbul 04:01

02. Gushi, Raffunk - Arabian Nights 05:52

03. Yantra Mantra - Caravanserai 03:46

04. Nardis - Sahara 04:38

05. Mirage of Deep - The Breath of Ganges 07:21

06. Michael E - Monsoon 05:45

07. Krystian Shek, Ray Maddison - Thai Palm Bay (Play At Beach Mix) 04:42

08. Katoey - Pattaya Hood 03:42

09. Yantra Mantra - Pranayama 06:05

10. Ryan KP, Anthony Hicks - Truth (feat. Moman) 03:09

11. Sannan - Moroccan Fantasy (Hadron Orchestra Remix) 06:16

12. Cinemascope - Jaipur 07:57

13. Amba - Mathieu & Florzinho - Maha 05:39

14. Yantra Mantra - Mangalacharana 04:14

15. Fell - Lostris 05:23

16. Mirage of Deep - Song for the Kingdom of Inside 06:45

17. Gushi, Raffunk - Letter 04:39

18. Nardis - Arabian Nights 03:23

19. Yantra Mantra - Trishna 05:05

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