Something different that we did here with the crew. This is the first one of the series of choreographies on Kendrick Lamar's songs. A truly inspiring artist that keeps the Hip Hop culture alive.

The choreography is done by Benjamin "BNG" Xhaferi, on a two different, but similar songs... Blow My High by Kendrick Lamar with a chorus that was actually inspired by Pimp C's verse on Big Pimpin' song. The two of them combined, portray really nicely how the same lyrics, can be felt on a similar, but different way.

Enjoy our concept, video and choreography.
Disclaimer: NO ONE was really harmed during the making of this video. It was all fun and games :)

Kendrick Lamar - Blow My High (Members Only)
Jay-Z ft. UGK - Big Pimpin'

Choreography by Benjamin Xhaferi.
Concept by Benjamin Xhaferi.
Directed by Benjamin Xhaferi & Vedran Manev.
Filmed by Vedran Manev.
Edited by Benjamin Xhaferi & Vedran Manev.

Dancers: THE ONES

Benjamin Xhaferi
Kamelija Kostovska
Emilija Nikolovska
Sanja Angelova
Hristina Trajkoska
Pance Dimov
Jana Petrovska
Emilija Dostinova
Boris Taskovski
Marija Petrevska
Martin Atanasovski
Emi Petrova
Anastasija Andreeva

* We do not own any rights for the used songs in this video, they are used for entertainment purposes only *

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