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Not every single track on this radio is Rap or Hip-Hop, i called it a Hip-Hop / Rap radio because 95% of the tracks are :)

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Hey guys, i got a Community Guideline strike for Harassment and Bullying. And i'm a MUSIC CHANNEL.

It was April 1st and i uploaded a prank video, pranking my subscribers that i got a Leak of Logic's new album, but it was an April Fools video, so there was no music in it. Just FilthyFrank green screen saying that u got pranked. I appealed the strike and it got rejected. With this strike, i can't livestream anymore, the only reason its still running is because it didn't disconnect. If it does, due to internet problems or whatever, the stream will be DEAD.
Can you guys please help me make scarce aware of this?

If you're willing to help:

Please send a Twitter DM to https://twitter.com/ScarceNews , telling him to look at my DM i sent him.

Thank you so much.

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