01. My Funny Valentine (Funky Lounge Mix) 00:00
02. In a Sentimental Mood (Cool Jazz) 3:03
03. Stella by Starlight (Guitar Saxophone & Flute) 07:48
04. Satin Doll (Brazilian Rhythm) 12:38
05. Georgia on My Mind (Lounge Music) 17:12
06. Summertime (Lounge Music) 22:35
07. The Night Has a Thousand Eyes (Cool Mix) 25:39
08. Autumn in New York (Ultra Lounge Music) 31:03
09. Moon River (Lounge Guitar) 35:50
10. Here's That Rainy Day (Lounge Jazz) 38:17
11. Green Dolphin Street (Latin Jazz Mix) 41:13
12. Send in the Clowns (Lounge Guitar) 45:20
13. Shnoop-L (Chill Music) 49:12
14. Ruth 54:15
15. Winter Solstice 58:55
16. September in the Rain (Chill Guitar) 1:03:59
17. I've Got You Under My Skin (Chill Guitar) 1:07:08
18. Unforgettable (Chill Guitar) 1:11:42
19. Fly Me to the Moon (Chill Guitar) 1:14:06
20. What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life 1:18:06
21. The_Sura_Quintet_-_Everyday 1:22:45
22. Jano_de_Rhodos_-_Degustar 1:28:34
23. Lafoliedamour-You 1:34:32
24. Aqua Mundi-Beautiful Awaking 1:40:18
25. Bluesolar - Believe in Me 1:46:21
26. Shivana faction - Talking in Whispers 1:52:31
27. Arrojas - La Jolie 1:58:06
28. George Harrold - What Lies Ahead 2:03:48
29. Kusuma Orchestra - Clarification 2:09:06
30. Andrey Faustov - Eoil 2:14:48

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