Do you dream of biting into a chocolaty, custard-filled pastry? See how this special dessert is made.

Choux Batter (pate a choux)
75g White Flour
75g Bread Flour
130g Whole milk
130g Water
110g Butter
2g Salt
3-4 Large Eggs

In a pan, add milk, water, butter and salt. Bring to low heat until the butter melts.
Turn to high heat, bring to boil.
Turn off heat, add sifted flour.
Reheat to mix well.
Transfer it to bowl and egg one by one while stirring.
Make sure mixture is not too thin, as the pastry shell will not rise properly.
The mixture should be thick enough whereby it forms a triangle when poured.

250g milk
50g(4) egg yolks
50g Sugar
25g Flour
1/4tsp vanilla paste or beans
10g Butter

Melt chocolate and dip shell into it.
Bake at 200C for about 32 minutes.

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