Pirouet Records presents 1 hour (11t tracks) smooth Jazz Ballads (by various artists) - tracklisting below. Download/Stream here: https://Pirouet.lnk.to/Ballads

1. Bill Carrothers, Nicolas Thys, Dré Pallemaerts -
Brother, Can You Spare a Dime? 00:00
2. Peter Peuker - Glad to Be Unhappy 06:50
3. Walter Lang, Aya Murodate, Nicolas Thys, Rick Hollander - Flicker Skies 12:11
4. Jason Seizer, Marc Copland, Nicolas Thys, Rick Hollander - In a Sentimental Mood 18:32
5. Johannes Enders, Oliver Kent, Henning Sieverts, John Hollenbeck - Beginner's Mind, Pt. 1 24:12
6. Domenic Landolf, Jean-Paul Brodbeck, Fabian Gisler, Dominic Egli - Bossa North 29:56
7. Thomas Rückert, Matt Penman, Jochen Rueckert - Isolation Day 34:58
8. Peter O'Mara, Henning Sieverts, Adam Nussbaum - For Frank 40:57
9. Thomas Stabenow - Plaza Lisboa 46:20
10. Jason Seizer, Marc Copland, Henning Sieverts, Jochen Rueckert - Kuanda 49.56
11. Christian Weidner, Antonio Palesano, Daniel Schröteler - Cantus 59:11

Happiness is to be found in slowness. A romantic potpourri of lyrical gems composed from a fine selection of PIROUET productions. Fine shades and sensible dialogues in organic beauty convey the hearer gently into other worlds. A wonder of softness and elegance.

One can dive into this compilation for more than an hour and make discoveries in the depth of its slow sounds: there are many moments for lingering. “Happiness is in the slowness,” Omar Sharif once said as the main character in the French film “Monsieur Ibrahim”. And he said this even though he did not know this compilation. Lorenz Hart, the lyrics partner of Richard Rodgers, brought the same realisation to the point in the title of one of the songs interpreted on this compilation, probably knowing that the sad sound of ballads is everything but a sad matter: “Glad To Be Unhappy”. That could also be the motto for this album.

The fewer tones musicians play overall the more nuances are concealed beneath these. This stands for all recordings on this CD. The balancing act with which the trio of the pianist Bill Carrothers manage to dazzle between beauty and despair here on “Brother, Can You Spare A Dime?”, the song from the era of the economic depression which has now become a classic again; the lyrical charm which the old saxophonist Peter Peuker unfolds with string sounds in the Richard Rodgers composition “Glad To Be Unhappy”; the warmth, never too sweet, which is exuded by Jason Seizer’s tenor sax interpretation of the Ellington classic “In A Sentimental Mood” accompanied by the equally exciting and spartan chords of the pianist Marc Copland: recordings like these let the listener experience new dimensions in old, well-known songs from the history of jazz. And in other places the artists’ own compositions show vividly that good ballads were not only written in the past of jazz. With very fine gradations of the soprano saxophone Johannes Enders understands on “Beginner‘s Mind” how to entice the ear to new ways of listening, Domenik Landolf lets the clarinet enter into sensitive dialogue with the Fender-Rhodes piano of Jean-Paul Brodbeck on “Bossa North”, the harmonic turns of the pianist Thomas Rückert repeatedly surprise on “Isolation Day” with one of the quietest drum accompaniments which could possibly be conceived. A miracle of softness and elegance is managed by the guitarist Peter O’Mara on the steel strings of his acoustic guitar on “For Frank”, and not least the organic beauty with which clarinettist John Ruocco and pianist Roberto Di Gioia fulfil the composition “Plaza Lisboa” from Thomas Stabenow and keep the gentle balance of this sophisticated miniature sound structure are astonishing.

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