1- Calling Voice (In the Sky Edit) - Random Memories.mp3
2- ALBUM : Soft Jazz Sexy - Instrumental Relaxation Saxophone Music\TRACK : Here and Now
3- ALBUM: Romantic Saxophone Quintet-Dinner Music-CD-2001\TRACK: lady in red
4- ALBUM: Jungle SPA - Pure Relaxation (2012) \TRACK: It's Raining Inside (Original Mix) - Tony Dexter
5- ALBUM: Jungle SPA - Pure Relaxation (2012) \TRACK: Stars Into Light (Original Mix) - Solarmax
6- ALBUM: Buddha Lounge (Yoga Cafe and Chillout Bar Sessions) \TRACK: Tropical Rain Forest (Turn the Tide Mix) - Symphonic Humming
7- ALBUM: Buddah Tibetan Lounge Masters Vol.2 (Meditation\TRACK: Where You Goin - Lazy Hammock Mix - The Diventa Project
8- ALBUM: Ludovico Einaudi - Islands - Essential Einaudi - Deluxe Edition\TRACK: Ludovico Einaudi 2011\09 Andare
9- ALBUM: Turkish Instrumental Music Collection - KONTINYU\TRACK: Yann Tiersen - Amelie Poulain - les jours tristes
10- ALBUM: Buddha Lounge (Yoga Cafe and Chillout Bar Sessions) (2013)\TRACK: 13. Sleeping Dragon (5 Enigmas Edit) - Chill Doctors
11- ALBUM: Roberto-Cacciapaglia-Canone-degli-spazi\TRACK: Michael
12- ALBUM: Buddha Lounge (Yoga Cafe and Chillout Bar Sessions) (2013)\TRACK: Masterpiece (Nature Returns) (Diamonds and Style Mix) - Steven Harlequin
13- ALBUM: SMOOTH JAZZ-The silkiest Jazz Ever.... front cover incl\TRACK: Diana Krall - Temptation
14- ALBUM: Jungle SPA - Pure Relaxation (2012) [mp3]\TRACK: El Sueno Del Mar (Original Mix) - Sangre De La Tierra
15- ALBUM: Buddha Bar 14 @ \TRACK: Sugar House - Desire (feat. Marieke Meijer)
16- ALBUM: Buddha Lounge (Yoga Cafe and Chillout Bar Sessions) (2013)\TRACK: Out of Heaven (Play It Hard Mix) - Jill and James

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