Down below are some of the major similarities that was regarded in the process of making this video.

1. Aklo in "Heat Over Here" Vs Simon D in "Air": Video concept, rappers' years of experience, year of track recorded.
2. Niha-C in "Turn it on" Vs SIMS in "Hands Up": Song theme, rappers' years of experience, outfit, year of track recorded.
3. Dabo in "Real Club" Vs Basick in "Gan Ji": Speed, instrumental melody.
4. SKI-HI in "One By One" Vs Double K in "Advice": Pronunciation, video color.
5. Ish One in "New Money" VS Zico in "Feel So Young": Years of rappers' experience, video color, chorus with vocals, party theme, year of track recorded.
6. Anarchy in "F**k You" Vs J Tong in "Gae Pan": Setting in junkyard, beat, destructive concept, years of experience, year of track recorded.
7. Petz in "Pay Me" Vs The Quiett in "2 Chains and Rollies": Rich concept, year of track recorded.
8. High Ball in "Young Freez" Vs Paloalto in "Seoul": Smooth, relaxing instrumental, year of track recorded.
9. Kojoe in "Get Famous" Vs B-Free in "What We Do": Concert scenes, chorus with vocals, song theme, year of track recorded, grew up in America.

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