These are my personal favorite Korean Hip-Hop/R&B/Rap Songs!

For this list, I have not included any KPOP group or idols. I have strictly limited this list to those artists who are considered "Hip-Hop" or "R&B" or "Rap". So even if a KPOP group put out a song that leans towards Hip-Hop, it was not considered for this list.
The only idol that I considered in this list was Zico because I always considered him more of a Hip Hop artist. So even though he is an idol, he has made a big impact on the Korean hip hop scene

Jay Park is an artist that some people consider KPOP and other consider K-Hip-Hop. I was torn on whether to include him or not (Because he is one of my favorite Korean artists) but I decided to compromise and only include some of his songs that are more in the K-Hip-Hop category (for example: So Good, Demon, Star, Tonight, Know Your Name, etc... are not included even though I love them all)

Intro: "Peek a Boo" - Topp Dogg
Outro: "The Beat" - Topp Dogg

MY TOP 100 KOREAN HIP-HOP/R&B SONGS скачать видео - Download